Prefilled Communion Cups (100 count)


This one box of one hundred Celebration Cups is double-sealed and disposable. Get these easy-to-use cups that have individual unleavened wafers and Concordia grape juice in every individual communion cup. These cups combine contemporary convenience and purity with a taste for old-school tradition. The items are prepackaged, with both unleavened wafer and Concordia grape juice in a single two-part recyclable container. All Communion participants have to do is peel back one seal to remove the communion wafer. A second seal under the wafer is then removed for the juice. Celebration cups are designed to fit standard communion ware. Celebration Cups have a twelve-month shelf life, and no refrigeration is required.

Make Communion a simple and easy task with these easy to remove seals that are a huge part of these celebration cups. Communion wafers and communion grape juice in just an easy seal rip away. Try this new modern idea at your church or home and make it the new tradition for all. Celebration cups are designed to make the standard, traditional communion a new and modern one. Celebration Cups can be your new tradition, so buy it easily online today.


  • 500 1/6 fl oz (5ml) cups (42fl oz.) (1,250 ml)
  • Grape juice from concentrate, water, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate as preservatives
  • 500 1/6 g wafers (42 g) from bleached flour, water, trace of salt
  • 12 Month Shelf Life