The Celebration of Our Savior and Redeemer is needed NOW more than ever!

The Celebration Communion Cup

As Easter approaches, many Believers are feeling disconnected, fearful, and anxious about our future and the wellbeing of our Families, Churches, Communities, and Country. For many Churches, there is uncertainty about if and how they may have Communion worship on Easter Sunday. Here are a few of ideas you may consider.

  1. If your Church has an online service, consider having volunteers to safely place cups in Ziplock or disposable bags.  Notify members of a time they can drive by the Church to pick up enough elements to worship with their family at home.  They will not have to exit or leave their vehicle as the volunteers will dispense the bags to them.
  2. There is still time to mail Communion elements to members; however, this option will be more expensive and will require 3-5 days in most areas. We recommend the 3×5, 2mil   plastic Ziplock bag available on
  3. If your Church cannot do any of the above, please notify your members and remind them to purchase juice and crackers for Communion worship. If that’s not a viable option due to restrictions, they can always call 1-866-367-2877 or visit and have them delivered to their homes.

Easter is the most significant day in our Christian faith, and we stand with you as we Celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Regardless of what’s going on in the world, Jesus is the Answer.

Thank you again from The Celebration Cup Family… Be Blessed!