Prefilled Communion Cups (250 count)


This box of 250 grape juice celebration cups contains conveniently packaged individual unleavened wafers and communion grape juice all in a single two-part recyclable container! Designed for easy transportation and consumption, these are perfect for churches, retreats, or simply at-home use.

Each cup is pre-filled with the crisp, clean taste of Concordia grape juice and an unleavened wafer sealed at the top. Indulgers peel back one seal to remove the communion wafer, and another to discover the juice. It’s a fun and convenient way to package up traditional tastes whilst saving you a ton of time and money. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fresh taste of the juice and the crisp crunch of the wafers. No need to wash numerous amounts of cups. These are easily disposable and won’t pile on the dishes. The pre-packaged celebration cups fit standard communion ware and perfectly into Communion cup trays to make serving and preparation easy and affordable. It’s the ideal communion set to satisfy guests on the sacred day of receiving Holy Communion.


  • 250 1/6 fl oz (5ml) cups (42fl oz.) (1,250 ml)
  • Grape juice from concentrate, water, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate as preservatives
  • 250 1/6 g wafers (42 g) from bleached wheat flour, water, trace of salt
  • 12-Month Shelf Life