Jaquie Dua Chief Executive Officer of The Compak Companies LLC The Manufacturer Of The Celebration Holy Communion Cup. The Original Prefilled Communion Cups. The Prepackaged Communion Cups Contains Both The Unleavened Bread And Grape Juice In One Cup.

30 Days of Devotion 

Greetings! On behalf of the Compak family, we would like to thank you for joining us for our 30 Days of Devotion. Please use this page as a reference tool. We will update this page daily with videos, specials, and much more. If you would like to follow along with our 30 Day Devotional Set, please click below. Otherwise, please create and bless your own Holy Communion supplies and let’s celebrate Christ together.

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Day 1: Embracing God's Love

Day 2: God's Grace

Day 3: faith in forgiveness

Day 4: Righteousness

day 5: The holy spirit

Day 6: Perfect Peace

day 7: new creation

Day 8: Choices

Day 9: The Name Jesus

Day 10: Strength

Day 11: Wisdom

Day 12: desires

Day 13: Sound mind

Day 14: God hears prayer

Day 15: The blessing

day 16: seedtime & harvest

day 17: Redemption

day 18: kingdom citizenship

Day 19: You Have What You Say

Day 20: Angelic Intervention

Day 21: Power In the word

Day 22: Emotional Healing

Day 23: Freedom From A Guilty Mind

day 24: authority of the believer

day 25: reconciliation

Day 26: Fear

day 27: faith

day 28: healing

day 29: hope

day 30: God's All Sufficiency

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