Prefilled Communion Cups (30-Day Devotional Set)


Satisfy your church supply needs with this personal 30-day devotional communion set. It comes fully equipped with 30 Prefilled Communion Cups, a daily devotional calendar, and a daily devotional booklet. Each of the prefilled communion cups of juice is prepackaged in a single two-part recyclable container with a sealed compartment for the juice and a separately sealed compartment for the unleavened wafer. These prepackaged communion cups can easily be consumed and disposed of.  The contents stay unbelievably fresh. These cups complement standard communion wear extremely well and fit perfectly into communion trays. Completing this set is a daily devotional calendar and daily devotional.

Our Daily Devotional features a different scripture to read each day and keeps you on task. Whether this communion set is for a small church group or at-home use, it has all the components necessary for a complete communion ceremony.

Prefilled Communion Cups (30 Day Pack) Ingredients:

  •          30 1/6 fl oz (5ml) cups (17fl oz.) (500 ml)
  •          Grape Juice from concentrate, water, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate as preservatives
  •          30 1/6 g wafers (17 g) from bleached flour, water, trace of salt.
  •          12-month shelf life – no refrigeration needed