Brass Stacking Starters Set


If you need a complete, efficient communion set readily available, the brass stacking starters set is the ideal product. It contains all necessary components to serve and display elements of a Holy Communion in a beautiful manner. Complete with two communion cup trays, one communion tray cover and one communion tray base, this sought after special has everything in one place, making your communion service run a bit smoother.

Though this set is often purchased for convenience purposes, it still exhibits a beautiful display. The tray cover bears the religious symbol of the Latin cross atop. It’s constructed of high-quality stainless steel in silver or gold hues that shine bright throughout the test of time. The communion set holds enough communion cups and communion wafers to serve 80 individuals. Its compact portability is perfect for start-up groups, small church gatherings, or at-home services.

  • Set includes: 2 communion trays, 1 communion top, 1 communion base

  • Serves 80 individuals

  • Available in: silver or gold tones